Model of the Month competition winners 2011


January 2011

Micks Tipper

Scania Tipper


February 2011

Chris’s Wedding Belle

Wedding Bell


March 2011

Tonys Trans UK

Trans UK


April 2011

we had joint winners this month with Tony’s McKerral


and joint winner Ron with his Heavy Haulage MercHeavy Haulage


May 2011




June 2011

Voyager Hot Rod

Hot Rod


July 2011

Mick’s Volvo



August 2011

Charles Boat Hauler

Boat Hauler



September 2011

Andrew’s Scania

Bewick Scania


October 2011

Mixxy’s Scania Mixer

Snania Mixer

November 2011

Alan’s Scania Streamline and Dump Trailer

Scania StreamLine


December 2011

Neil’s Emhar Conversion