HC=Highly Commended
Small – Mid Scales
Best Scania
3 Robbie Holmes (Hi-Line 5 Star Deliveries)
2 Andrew Reed (141 Theopoulos)
1 Jon Short (V8 Hi-Line D Steven)
Best Volvo
3Alan Tallentyre (FH3 Ronny Nab)
2 Andrew Reed (FL10 Watkinson)
1 Robbie Holmes (FH4 Alex Cambell)
Best Other Makes
3 Robbie Holmes (DAF XF106 J&A Hedley)
2 Jon Short (Renault T Range Islay Crab)
1 Andrew Reed (Renault R310 Onatra)
Best British
3 Chris Rischer (Albion BOC)
2 Dean Prudence (Ford D series G Davies)
1 Andrew Reed (ERF E series, H E Musgrove)
HC Jimmy Scott (ERF KV, R Flynn)
Best Heavy Haulage/Plant outfit
3 Bill Wooldridge (DAF 3300/crane Mammout)
2 Robbie Holmes (DAF XF 106 G F Job)
1 Jimmy Scott (Scania Next Gen, Lawson)
Best Replica of a Real Truck
3 Jimmy Scott (MAN, T Christie)
2 Jon Short (Scania Hi-Line/fridge, D Steven)
1 Robbie Holmes (DAF XF106, J & A Hedley)
Best Dioarama
3 Jimmy Scott (Stobart fire!)
2 Alan Fixter (Sweden in the 60’s)
1 Andrew Chadwick (Scrapyard)
1:24 – 1:25 scales
‘Straight from the box’
3 –
2 Martin Kemp (Iveco)
1 Nick Houghton (Tri axle tanker & trailer)
3 Mick Russell (Dodge Water Tanker)
2 Steve McGinty (Fiat 190)
1 Andy Blanchard (Unipower)
HC Paul Phelps (Mercedes rigid)
Scratch Built
3 David March (Leyland & trailer)
2 Mike Farrell (Karrier Bantam & trailer)
1 Ian Williams (US Army Wolfhound TSV)
Best Scania
3 David Early (113 Sam Anderson)
2 Jim Tomaszewski (110 Vince Staunton)
1 Neil Cooke (R series Streamline)
HC Chris Akers (82m rigid)
Best Volvo
3 Andy Bell (FH4 Quickmission)
2 Kevin Bennett (F10 Ken Thomas)
1 Alan Tallentyre (FH4 Den Hartog)
HC John Holcroft (FH4 lowride)
Best DAF
3 –
2 –
1 John Holcroft (XF105 Sussex Farms)
Best Mercedes
3 Paul Phelps (MP3 rigid)
2 Richard Ellis (MP1)
1 Mick Russell (4×4 rigid)
Best British
3 David Cassell (Commer C series)
2 Dean Prudence (ERF A series Eric Vick)
1 Steve McGinty (Ford Transcontinental)
HC Mick Russell (Leyland Bison)
HC Richard Ellis (AEC half cab)
Best Other Makes
3 Andy Bell (MAN TGX, J R Adams)
2 Ron Johnson (MAN TGA, Gartner)
1 Steve McGinty (Fiat 190)
HC Richard Ellis (MAN Snowplough)
Best US/Australian
3 Andy Howard (GMC Astro & trailer)
2 Ian WIlliams (US Army Wolfhound TSV)
1 Steve McGinty (Kenworth K123)
Best Heavy Haulage/Plant Outfit
3 –
2 John Holcroft (Renault T range & lowloader)
1 Andy Blanchard (Unipower C series & generator)
Best Trailer
3 David Cassell (20′ skelly)
2 Andy Bell (ULA drwabar)
1 David Early (tri axle step frame)
Best Custom Truck
3 Neil Cooke (Scania T cab)
2 Andy Bell (Volvo FH Quickmission)
1 John Holcroft (Volvo FH4, M A Tron)
Best Resin kit/transkit
3 Michael Heery (ERF B series, F R Somerset)
2 Steve McGinty (Ford Transcontinental)
1 Dean Prudence (ERF A series, Eric Vick)
HC Andy Howard (Mack F700)
Best Replica of a Real Truck
3 John Holcroft (DAF XF 106, D A Harrison)
2 Mick Russell (Dodge Water Tanker)
1 Jim Tomaszewski (Scania 110, Vince Staughton)
HC Alan Tallentyre (Volvo FH4 Den Hartog)
Best Showroom Painted model
3 Darren Lees (Freightliner)
2 Paul Phelps (Mercedes MP4)
1 Alan Tallentyre (Scania S series, Olesen)
Best Weathered model
3 Mick Russell (UN Mercedes)
2 Richard Ellis (AEC half cab)
1 Andy Howard (Mack F700 & trailer)
Odd Scales
3 Chris Rischer (Ford, BBC TV)
2 Andre Ward (Zil emergency truck)
1 Mike Farrell ( Austin K2)
HC Scott Gray (Volvo FH4 wrecker)
‘Open Classes’ (any scale of model)
Best Vintage Model
3 Chris Rischer (Thorneycroft)
2 Andrew Reed (Foden S20)
1 Mike Farrell (Karrier Bantam & trailer)
HC Jimmy Scott (ERF KV)
HC Neil Cooke (Atkinson Borderer)
Best Newcomer
3 Brendan Hale
2 David Early
1 Michael Heery
HC Nigel SHort
Best Display
3 David Cassell
2 Andrew Reed
1 Michael Heery
Best In Show
Andy Blanchard (Unipower & generator)