Truck Model Archive

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Truck Model Archive (, is a website set up by Peter White and Kim Ashton. Our aim is to make available to modellers worldwide our collection of images of truck models taken over a period of about 30 years. Most have appeared in various modelling and trucking magazines. We hope that others may be inspired by these models, which include a wide variety of truck types, scales, and subjects.

The site is arranged by truck make; within each main album you will find sub albums.We have added keywords so you can search under, for example, truck make, type (eg tippers, tankers, wreckers etc), scale, and where possible, the name of the modeller.

There is no charge to use the site, everything is free. If you wish to leave a comment you will have to register as a user, but otherwise the site is open to everyone.

The site is continually developing as we have many more images to add, both from our existing collection, and new ones from model shows which we attend.